Producer: Randowise & Igor Ilić
The aim of this album is musical orchestration of the natural history of planet Earth.
Randowise is:
Miha Renčelj - piano, synths
Rok Škrlj - bass, clarinet
Luka Kuhar - drums, percussion, synths
Performed by Randowise
Produced by Randowise & Igor Ilić
Recorded in Studio Metro, Ljubljana.
Recording engineer: Igor Ilić
Editing: Luka Kuhar
Mixed and Mastering by Igor Ilić
Dolžina: 47:05
This project was co-financed by Ministry of Culture, Republic of Slovenia.
1. Formation 9:10
2. Oceans 7:55
3. First Life 7:41
4. Animals 8:50
5. Life in Trees 7:23
6. The Era of Mankind 6:04



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